Become a BIO-X partner

By contributing financially and/or in kind, BIO-X partners play a significant role in driving projects forward. Potential partners are contacted during a ‘matchmaking’ phase, which is part of the second round of the BIO-X project selection.

This approach enables partners to give critical input and feedback at an early stage of project development. BIO-X industrial partners will:

  • Collaborate in commercially-viable projects, selected and run to industry standards
  • Have right of first refusal to invest further
  • Gain opportunities to expand their product development portfolio
  • Reduce their financial risks

BIO-X project partners can be confident that all projects benefit from clear objectives, include business assessment activities, and are focused on fulfilling defined market/society needs.

Input from potential future customers
That proposals accepted by BIO-X meet defined needs is ensured by assigning at least one clinically-active person to every individual project. As healthcare representatives of BIO-X, and as potential future customers and end-users, this also gives them the opportunity to influence project form and direction. Examples of such input can relate to the need for pre-clinical or clinical trials, clinical benefits and cost effectiveness of future products, patient safety, ergonomics, etc.

Together with a dedicated BIO-X coach, project partners from industry and healthcare continue to contribute their knowledge and experience throughout the two-year BIO-X process, bringing mutual benefits to the project.

This ensures a high quality, well-structured project plan plus a well-documented, fully-transparent technical and commercial study addressing real-life healthcare problems and needs. In other words, an attractive investment opportunity.

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“As investors, we know that BIO-X projects are well-equipped for the future, so it’s easier to make decisions about financing a company.” 

Magnus Engevik, Investment Manager, ALMI Invest

Erik Forsberg

Erik Forsberg Ph.D., Associate Professor

Chief Executive Officer

Uppsala BIO

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