Meet GE Healthcare at NLSDays

In Uppsala BIO’s NLSDays booth you can meet GE Healthcare and discuss various collaborations.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences and Uppsala BIO have initiated a two-year collaboration to discover new technologies that can help develop the equipment of the future for biopharmaceutical production and processing. The goal of the collaboration is to identify new ideas and promising start-ups as well as to establish partnerships that will benefit both parties. How this cooperation will work in practice can vary. In the current VINNOVA call ‘Next-generation biologics’, the US-based company offered to participate as an industrial partner. However, collaborative project funding or providing valuable industry feedback on interesting novel concepts can also be on the cards.

In Uppsala BIO’s NLSDays booth you can meet Stefan Löfås, Science Director for GE Healthcare Biosciences AB, and Uppsala BIO Project Manager Kristin Hellman to discuss the different opportunities that this collaboration offers.
Stefan Löfås will also tell us more about the Process Innovation Hub, a national test-bed for the production of biological drugs due to open in 2018 as part of GE Healthcare Biosciences’ Uppsala facility.
When: September 14, 13:00 to 14:00
Where: NLSDays, Booth 33 (Uppsala BIO)

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