Verification of new medtech products in clinical environment

Swedish small and medium siezed companies and academia that need financial support to verify or test medical technology prototype/solutions may apply for funds in the call "Verification of new medtech products in clinical environment".

The call Verification of new medtech products in clinical environment is now accepting applications.


Who can apply?

The call is open to Swedish small and medium Medtech companies, academia or research institute. It is required that health care and industry are involved in the project, either as partners or in other ways.


The project

This call is aimed at medtech projects that has reached a level where they need to test or verify their concept/solution in clinical environemnt.


How much?

The call will support 50% of the total project cost. The maximum amount of applied funding is SEK 500 000.



Applications will be accepted until 14 September 2016 kl 14  CET or UTC +2 h.

More information about the call is available at Vinnova.se (in Swedish only). Applications written in English are also accepted. If you have any question please contact Reidar Gårdebäck +46 (0)73-765 23 83.

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